Our strong presence in the Canadian real estate industry for 40 years, our unparalleled network and our team’s diverse profile gives us a truly unique understanding of the industry. We have our finger on the pulse of Canadian commercial real estate, giving our clients intimate knowledge of the current market conditions and trends.

Our services include:

Tenant Representation

Thinking as retailers

We understand the challenges of growing your business in an evolving marketplace. With our expertise in the retail industry we have complete understanding of your operational, financial and market constraints. Our strategic services include identifying opportunities to gain market shares, as well as negotiating and renewing lease terms.


Keeping your best interest at heart

Getting the RIGHT location, for the RIGHT brand, at the RIGHT time and at the RIGHT price is our motto. We are able to deliver high-quality long-term results and better value for your real estate investments. Your company’s financial stability and profitability is our priority. That’s why we offer continuous support tailored to your needs, making sure your interests are always protected. Our strong and established presence across all commercial real estate venues will contribute to building a successful strategy for your brand:

  • Street Fronts
  • Enclosed Malls
  • Power Centres

  • Lifestyle Centres
  • Strip Centres
  • Office Buildings

  • Pad Sites
  • Outlets
  • Airports, etc.




Introducing your brand to Canada

Over the years, our firm has played a key role in introducing numerous international brands into the Canadian market. Our reputation and long-standing presence in the industry will help you establish your brand in Canada, expanding your global presence.


Being proactive in the face of change

Our strong presence in the commercial real estate industry for 40 years allows us to approach any project strategically and complete it efficiently:

  • Expansion
  • Downsizing

  • Relocation
  • Renewals

  • Acquisitions
  • Dispositions

Constantly analyzing and re-evaluating your real estate portfolio and its profitability as well as your competitors, allows us to provide you with timely strategic advice to ensure the long-term financial stability of your business.


Redirecting your resources

When tenants face a financial crisis, filing CCAA or bankruptcy, our team of highly experienced professionals offers restructuring services and help in evaluating the portfolio, negotiating lease terms and guidance throughout resolution of the distressed situation.

Landlord Representation

Turning your property into profit

Our highly respected and experienced team is dedicated to delivering the most effective leasing and marketing strategies possible. Giving you the tools and information you need to get the most out of your properties, we help you get the maximum value out of your assets. Locally or nationally, you can count on us to deliver.

  • Asset Strategy Consulting
  • Valuation
  • Transaction Execution
  • Advisory Services


getting a bigger stake in the future

No two real estate projects are alike. That’s where we come in. Put our expertise and know-how to the test. You’ll maximize your advantages in project leasing and repositioning for even greater success. With a wide range of expertise in commercial real estate operations, occupancy planning, property repositioning and real estate project management, our team is ready to take you to the next level.


Applying strategy to achieve success

Think beyond. Think success. Your long-term real estate goals combined with our industry know-how adds up to a profitable relationship. Our trusted advisors are on standby to help you take advantage of unique and timely opportunities. For you, this means access to the best real estate sites around, even those not currently available on the market. Employing sophisticated analytical tools to study market conditions such as sales growth, rents, occupancy and space inventory, we have all you need to ensure your continued growth. Local land regulations, zoning, environmental specifications and more; leave it with us and we will make your acquisitions and transactions smooth and efficient.

Location Analytic Services

Understanding your market

Combine and overlay your locations with our customizable data. Reveal insightful trends and patterns to ensure a better understanding of customers, markets, and competition. Oberfeld Snowcap’s sophisticated Location Analytic Solutions, coupled with our unique team of leading market experts in the retail industry, provide mapping and valuable insights for strategic site selection and real estate developments.

  • Market analysis
  • Market segmentation and demographic data analysis
  • Site selection and strategic planning
  • Custom mapping
  • PDF brochure