Oberfeld Snowcap now represents EMMYDEVEAUX

Oberfeld Snowcap now represents EMMYDEVEAUX

Posted July 12th, 2019 in New Client Announcements

EMMYDEVEAUX is an innovative Canadian based fashion brand designing high-quality, high-performing contemporary pieces that focus on defining shape and embracing comfort.

Since the inception of the brand, it has committed to “No Inventory Waste”, a concept that opposes fast-fashion by creating pieces that are long-term and timeless therefore decreasing the amount of clothing waste that ends up in landfills.

The EMMYDEVEAUX head office/showroom is located in Edmonton, Alberta. The brand launched with an equal focus on e-commerce and brick and mortar stores and will continue to focus on becoming a seamless and strategic operation in all channels.

EMMYDEVEAUX will open its first stores in Alberta and later expand to the rest of Canada.