Vancouver based A&W is the second largest quick service hamburger restaurant chain in Canada. With over 925 restaurants and over $1.1 Billion in sales, A&W has consistently been one of the strongest growth chains in Canada. For over 20 years, A&W has repeatedly outperformed the overall Canadian food service industry.

Food Courts
A&W has dominated the quick-service hamburger category in Canadian shopping centres for many years, with close to 200 locations across the country.

Pad Sites
A&W is Canada’s fastest growing freestanding quick-service hamburger restaurant chain, with a particular strategic focus in Ontario and Quebec.

Urban Streetfront
A&W has recently opened downtown “urban” restaurants in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. With self-order kiosks and a slightly modified menu, this concept is proving very popular with younger customers as well as A&W‘s traditional “Baby Boomer” customers.