PROPERTY PROFILE: The Detail of Retail

Posted January 6th, 2012 in Oberfeld Snowcap in Media

Specialising in small location power centres and street retail locations from coast to coast in Canada, Oberfeld Snowcap offers comprehensive expertise and to ensure optimal brand identity in the market for its retail clients.
Oberfeld Snowcap has grown over time through merger and acquisition of retail advisory services. The company’s mission was to provide retailers with the best level of service and the best intelligence available and to facilitate them to make the best decisions possible. This hasn’t changed over the last three decades.
Chris Tarrant, Executive Vice President, based at the Toronto office, said: “We have been growing the company for 30 years and we have established offices in Montreal and Toronto which gives us a strategic advantage and sets us apart from competitors in terms of national scope. We consider ourselves expert in all facets of the retail real estate.”
Jim Murdoch, Executive Vice President, based at the Montreal office, said: “We have a good client base and a good brand mix – ranging from large international brands to medium and smaller retailers.
“We sit down with retailers that are new to the market and work out their development strategy for the Canadian market. We establish a one, two or three year strategy and then go out and work with them on those plans. We become their eyes, ears and real estate department for the Canadian market.”
Oberfeld Snowcap has an exclusive client base of over 300 brands in Canada – a portfolio it has built over the last 30 years.

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