OS now represents Icebreaker

OS now represents Icebreaker

Posted September 24th, 2015 in New Client Announcements

Icebreaker – Connecting us with nature and each other!

Icebreaker has been pioneering premium active lifestyle apparel for 20 years from its headquarters in New Zealand.  Icebreaker’s Canadian subsidiary was started 10 years ago and counts over 500 wholesale points-of-sale and 5 vertically-owned retail locations.

Icebreaker is a superior brand that uses natural fibres to deliver a strong value proposition to consumers. The brand stands behind the tagline We Believe in the Power of Nature and markets hundreds of high-quality products each season. Working directly with farmers in New Zealand, Icebreaker develops garments made of merino wool, which is non-itchy and cashmere-soft.

Icebreaker’s value is rooted in the belief that consumers are increasingly motivated by ethics in addition to performance.  The brand connects consumers to nature, and fosters a strong sense of community.

Icebreaker clothing is sold in more than 4,700 stores in 50 countries worldwide. They currently operate five stores in Canada and are planning to expand, adding vertically-owned retail locations across Canada.